Distribution to Fire Victims

At the beginning of March 2013 a fire ignited amongst the makeshift houses of the internally displaced people (IDP) camp near State House in Hargeisa. The fire quickly spread consuming the houses and belongings of 109 families. Initially there was a response from several aid and non-governmental organizations; however, by the middle of March the assistance had come to a stand-still.

Upon hearing of the situation, we at LIFE decided that we must do something to further assist the victims of the fire with the little remaining items that we have in storage. With an assortment of clothing and shoes, we put together 109 packages consisting of 11 items, 3 pairs of shoes and 8 articles of clothing. 

In coordination with the Ministry of Resettlements Rehabilitations and Reconstructions (MRR&R), we organized the distribution of the packages to take place on the 9th of April. On that day, a representative from each of the 109 families came to the office of MRR&R where they received their package. The people were happy and excited to receive their gift of shoes and clothes.

Zamzam Ahan Dubeh and her two children sit in the MRR&R compound after being given their package of shoes and clothing. They have been in the IDP camp for 5 months.


Mohamed Amal is married and has 3 children. He is a chemistry teacher and speaks English, yet he also has been forced to move into the IDP camp due to the recent heavy rains. Now, his temporary settlement at the camp has been burned down.

Kahar Jama has been living in the IDP camp for the last 22 years. She moved there at the beginning of the civil war.