GirlsRun2 Project

GirlsRun2 is a girls running club organized to help girls from very poor homes to have an opportunity to continue their education.

 A project of Local Initiatives for Education (LIFE), the GirlsRun2 program's main goal is to keep the girls in school as long as possible. Education through sports encourages these young girls to dream of bright, meaningful futures.

 Challenges include nutrition, traditional practices and school fees.

 This work featured in a running magazine in 2008 and in a film documentary in 2013.

Fatuma is 15 years old and runs with GirlsRun2. Her father is disabled and the family has no income.  They live in challenging conditions with little hope for a better future. The GirlsRun2 program has enabled Fatuma to stay in school and receive food aid and other assistance for her family.

Halimo is 14 years old and had to leave school to watch the family's goat herd. After being harassed by local boys, her mother agreed to re-enroll her in school and let her run with GirlsRun2. Halimo is so happy to be back in school and loves to run!