Somaliland Development: Food For Work

Small villages often lack communication with larger centers and cannot evacuate casualties or get in aid. Food and other supplies are expensive because of transport costs.

This village is benefiting from a Food for Work program which is building a road to the nearest town as well as providing basic food and clothes distribution.

In the last 10 years in this area, 16 women have lost their lives in childbirth because of the inability to evacuate them to a medical facility.

An elderly lady, Amran, is taking care of her five grandchildren, who were orphaned when their parents died of hunger.  She has no source of income, but has the burden of caring for the children, the youngest being nine months old.  When the LIFE team gave her 10 packets of rice-soy food, she was overwhelmed with joy and cried.  The children gathered and hugged their grandmother and the packs of food.

the route

the road under construction

A School in AShekh Awareh built when a road connected the village to a small town 45km away; Immunization vehicles can now get through and camels are no longer the only transport.