LIFE works with Local Village to Build Berkad

A Berkad is a traditional rainwater catchment system. LIFE has worked with various villages in Somalia to build berkads. Recently they built one outside of Hargeisa. A local doctor is part of the community that collects the water, treats it, and then uses it in his hospital. Many villages have asked for help to build berkads because they receive adequate rainfall and it helps store and collect the water for future use. Below are some photos from the final project.


LIFE Helps Build Wells in Somalia

We have been working with partners on the ground in Somalia to dig for wells in rural communities. Many of the people living in the areas are returning from refugee camps such as Dadaab.

In the Farhan Camp there are 137 families and many of them have helped take part in digging the well. Yahye, the chairman of the camp, thanked us for helping bring clean water to their village. He said, “My happiness can’t conclude here, but I would like to thank you for this well. It is useful for many people living in this camp and we wish for more.”

Farhan Camp

Farhan Camp

Farhan Camp

Farhan Camp

In Khalid Camp there are over 91 families, and many of them also helped dig the well. Hilawle, the governor of the camp, said he was happy for this opportunity. I am pleased for this program and the water is necessary for life. We all think we will be ok when the water is ok, and I will wish for another aids like this foundation.”

Khalid Camp

Khalid Camp

Khalid Camp

Khalid Camp


Ahmed Receives Wheelchair, Dignity Restored!

Ahmed has been crippled for 15 years. He did not have a wheelchair so he would crawl on the ground in order to get around or he had to depend on someone else to take him places. Ahmed is 45 years old and received a wheelchair for the first time. He also received a special-made toilet. Our partners said that by giving Ahmed a wheelchair and toilet tailored to his needs that we were giving him the opportunity to a dignified life.








Somali Nursing Students Distribution Nutritious Rice in Somaliland

The nursing students from the Amoud Health Science faculty conduct family visits in the community. This semester they have been going to an area where people have returned to live after being in Ethiopia. During the war they fled from Somaliland to Ethiopia and now they have come back. In this specific area are the poorest of the poor.

In the initial visit from the nursing students they took a family health assessment where they assessed the nutritional status (MUAC assessment tool) of the children under five. In this specific area they found that some of the families who had children were malnourished or in danger of malnutrition. Some of the families could not provide three meals a day for their children. The students brought nutritious rice packages to give out to the families.


In Borma there is an orphanage with about 90 children between the of 3 and 16. The students went there to talk about health education and spend time with the children. They delivered also delivered one box of nutritious rice for the children.

Somaliland Distribution

Gargarra is a village in North West Somaliland, that has begun to pursue agricultural development. They have fields outside the village, and have begun growing a variety of crops. The Minister of Agriculture asked LIFE to aid Gargarra in preventing flooding in their fields. When the rain comes it goes directly into their fields and destroys the crops, and then heads straight to the ocean. This means that they are unable to conserve the water, and their crops are destroyed. We at LIFE, in coordination with the Minister of Agriculture, decided to give them 80 gabions, and aid them in the installation process. The gabions will divert the flow of water into their irrigation canals, allowing them to save the crops, and conserve water. Water is a commodity in these regions of Somaliland, and so anything done to preserve it is well worth it.


 On August 10th 2014, in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, LIFE supplied 80 gabions to the village of Gargarra. In order for the workers installing the gabions to be paid, we brought two tons (145 boxes) of rice as well, and used it as Food for Work. As an added kindness LIFE also supplied them with one hundred pairs of Tom’s shoes, which were distributed mainly amongst the children.

The Minister of Agriculture went on this trip as well, because he believed it to be extremely important. Agricultural development is a slow growing sector in the Somaliland economy, and fields getting destroyed by rain would severely hamper its growth. That being said, we at LIFE were very happy to supply gabions to Gargarra, being as it is a project that will have long term implications.