Tents and Blankets

The flash flood surprised everyone after 4 years of drought, filling the wadi 
(seasonal river bed) and overflowing into IDP (Internaly Displaced People) 
makeshift homes. The following are pictures of the distribution of tents and blankets 
 to the victims of the flood. 

We were able to help 80 families with tents and blankets. We were assisted by the Djibouti military camp personal. Most of these victims are not long term residents of Djibouti, but have come into the city to look for work/food due to the loss of livestock in the bush, due to drought. It is ironic that they were victims to a flood. 

One lady, a single mom with 4 little children, locked her children in the little hut while she ran out to the market to look for food (this is a common practice). The flood came so quickly that by the time she returned home, her youngest, a toddler, had drown but the other 3 survived the rising water in their little makeshift house. 

Another woman was crying, not to be consoled by anyone. She had her children, but could not find her husband. Several people were rescued by helicopter out of the raging water. Most of the people who were affected were IDP (Internally Displaced People).