Distribution of Supplies to IDP Camps in Puntland

In consultation with the Ministries of Education, Health and Youth and Sports, most the current consignment is planned be dispatched to a location that has been suffering from drought. This area is often neglected because of its remoteness as well as its disputed land. This has caused brief and politically intense conflicts, which have been both deadly and devastating.  

“The reoccurrence of clan and political conflicts, periphery, prolonged droughts and population growth, as result of natural growth with limited resources has led poor condition to the people. According to the UN and INGOs reports, most of the people are living in significantly difficult circumstance. School enrolment rate is low comparing other towns and due to the absence of adequate teaching materials, facilities and skilled teachers. Although the town has several private clinics, the general hospital, which is the only public hospital in that area, is not equipped as needed.” – Staff who works and lives in country

In response to those circumstances, the aid was intended to benefit an estimated 700 students of different age groups two orphanage centers and schools, and for each student to receive a CarePack.

Also, each student received rice packs that would last each of them two months. We also gave one orphanage center 3 boxes of soccer balls, and the the other 5 boxes were turned over to the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Sports (MoLYS) and distributed throughout the region.

Other donations included 20 boxes of blankets that were donated to the same students as well as people in the neighborhood. Other items of the supplies included wheelchairs, mobility carts and mixed mobility supplies which benefited over 180 disabled people in two towns.

Nearly 273 of the drought-affected people in these towns and their families benefited from the used clothing and blankets. The other donations included nearly 5000 items of disposable medical supplies that went to health facilities in the same districts.

Planning the distribution of supplies with local authorities

Prior to the arrival of the supplies, the local NGO consulted with the Ministries of Education and Health and Youth and Sports in planning the distribution of the donated items. They agreed to undertake a joint distribution of items. The Ministries also advised to target the new supplies to the orphanage center and 6 schools, 2 community health centers in one town, and the general hospital and other 4 health clinics in the surrounding settlements. After the identification of the beneficiaries and distribution plan was agreed, the transport and the delivery of the supplies to the targeted schools/centers was conducted.

Distribution and supply delivery to the targeted centers

The supplies were disturbed at an orphanage center and the community health centers by a team composed of the local community, local authority, and field staff as per the agreed distribution plan. A launching event was held at the main orphanage center where representatives from the regional education ministries, religious scholars, and our NGO as well as other guests attended. The Mayor of the town officially launched the distribution handing out supplies to the orphanage. After 5 days of work, the team went to another town and distributed supplies to those families affected by drought living in IDP camps. 

Beneficiaries were also able to express their appreciation towards the relief distribution stating that this was a much needed but unexpected humanitarian act. Particularly, the orphaned children who appreciated the distributed supplies. Also, the administration and teachers of the schools and health centers were very thankful. They said the bringing the supplies to the orphan center was very thoughtful and the children were indeed worthy and deserved to get these highly nutritious supplies.


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 10.53.24 AM.png

Fartuun is a 47 year old single mother who has been greatly affected by the drought. She lost all of her animals in the drought and has migrated to the nearest city in hopes of finding a better place to live. She received used clothes, rice bags, and blankets.

“We were caught by surprise at just how quickly this drought has returned. The time for people to recover has been halved and has been continuing to decrease every single season,” she said. “Ultimately, it’s a climate crisis, but we are very grateful for this quick response/aid especially blankets, rice, and used clothes since I will be able to dress decently.”

The rice and beans she received will ensure that the herself and the kids can fight malnutrition.


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Hassan is a 45-year-old man who is crippled and has been using his hands while dragging his body along the ground in order to move. He was given a Pet Cart and was overjoyed that he no longer had to crawl on the dirty, dusty roads. “There is no other day I’m happier than today and I’m grateful for the mobility cart you provided me in order to move.”



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Eight year old Howa is an orphan and is a student at the orphanage school. She lives with her aunt is very old, but supports her in her life and encourages her to get an education. She received soccer balls and CarePacks and was so happy along with her other classmates to receive new items for school. “Me and my classmates are very grateful and morally happy.” She said.