Inside an IDP Camp: Clothing

The Mohamed Mooge internally displaced people (IDP) camp situated just 
outside of Hargeisa, Somaliland is made up of two main camps consisting of 1971 
families in total. These are people who have fled their homes and settled here due to 
drought and insecurity in recent years. Many of the inhabitants of the camp are from 
the South and Central parts of Somalia. Due to heavy rainfall around the Hargeisa 
area this year, the United Nations (UN) and International Non-Governmental 
Organization (INGO) community was made aware of the IDP’s need for shelter 
material via the Ministry of Resettlements, Rehabilitations, and Reconstructions (M 
of RRR). 
After receiving a letter requesting the aid of the UN and INGO’s from the M of 
RRR to help with shelter materials, those present at a Non-Food Item (NFI) and 
Shelter cluster meeting created a list of materials that could be distributed to the 
IDP camp. Most organizations were able to put together for distribution NFI kits. 
However, we at LIFE had children’s sweaters and Nike sports shoes. We decided 
that something was better than nothing and agreed to distribute these things 
alongside the NFI kits of the other organizations. 
 On the 11th of April, several organizations including LIFE gathered at a home 
for street children near the Mohamed Mooge camp where the distribution would 
take place. That day we distributed 1117 children’s sweaters and most of the 1971 
pairs of shoes, of which we had allotted one pair per family. About 100 of the 
sweaters were given to the children at the street children’s home. Unfortunately due 
to security problems we were not able to complete the distribution of materials to 
all 1971 families on that day, but we did return a week later on the 18th to complete 
the distribution.