Soccer Jerseys in Rural Kenya

Recently, Local Initiatives for Education (LIFE) sent sport jerseys to the Asembo rural community in Kenya. The boys could not wait to put on the jerseys and have been using them for local soccer matches since then. The coaches did however put some conditions in regard to stewardship that would extend the life of such jerseys.

1. The jerseys would only be used for official soccer matches, after which the team leaders would collect them, wash and keep them for future soccer matches.

2. No player would go home with the jerseys after soccer matches but they will immediately be handed over to the team leader for safe custody.

3. No player would use the jerseys for day to day purposes other than for the soccer matches.

The coaches wanted to help the boys understand that it took a sacrifice for the jerseys to reach them and they may not have that opportunity again in their lifetime and hence the need for the diligent stewardship.

While the team in Asembo was lucky to receive the jerseys, the coaches would still like more. "I don't want to ask for more but i am tempted to do so because the team that we played against was also in terrible need. I was also humbled when I saw the whole opposite team made up by young boys from the local secondary school playing bare feet. Some of our team members also played bare feet...I wish to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the huge investment in the form of soccer jerseys that you donated for the Asembo rural community! The investment was very much appreciated and it lightened up the village!"


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