Southern Somalia Relief Efforts

In response to the drought that wreaked havoc in the Horn of Africa, we have donated 40 boxes of medical supplies, 20 boxes of assorted clothes and shoes, and 500 boxes of MannaPack Fortified Rice, while SCC/UNICEF donated 500 buckets of 20 litres of capacity and soap. Each beneficiary was given one box of MannaPack Fortified Rice, three pieces of soap, a bucket for water, and shoes and clothing.

With our partners, we distributed 6.95 metric tons of food relief consisting of cereal, pulses, vegetable oil and corn soya blend and distributed it to 500 children living in IDP camps in the Hodon district.

Halima Ayow Abbow, a 38-year-old mother with four children displaced from Dedmay village of Barava district is a widow whose husband was murdered in 2010. As she told us in tears, armed groups belonging to Alshabab Militia that controlled the area took him from his home to an unknown prison. The group accused him of being spy and after two months in their custody they sentenced him to be beheaded and his body thrown in the street.

Halima had eight children with no one to assist her in raising them. She said that she recently lost one of her sons on the way to Mogadishu due to famine. “I didn’t have anything to feed him and we were lacking food for six consecutive days so I took my children here to Mogadishu but we still didn’t eat for over 24 hours.”

In a mixed mood of sadness and relief of the past ordeals, Halima expressed her gratitude to those who donated the nutritious food and other items for her children.